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Multimodal exercise programs for older adults

Catarina Pereira and José Marmeleira
Universidade de Évora

Theme: Multi-modal exercise for older adults
Workshop Title: Multi-modal exercise programs for older adults
Workshop Abstract:

Exercise programs have the potential of intervening positively in the global functioning status of older adults. This idea is supported in a growing body of scientific evidence, which shows that physical activity and exercise have positive effects in physical fitness, cognitive functioning and in physical and psychological health. The effects of exercise can be amplified if they include physiological, neuromotor and psychological dimensions of functioning. For instance, the cognitive load related with exercise seems to be one important factor on its impact in brain and cognition. On the other hand, neuromotor training could promote physical-motor and cognitive benefits. Furthermore, group activities that involve cooperation and stimulate feelings of belonging and integration could be fundamental for the promotion of affective well-being. In this workshop we adopt a positive and constructive perspective of aging. Our intention is to share information and experiences, highlighting how interventions for older adults could be planned and include different forms of movement in a way that promote their effectiveness.



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