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Mark Upton - Embracing the complexity of learning & excellence in team sport

Mark Upton

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Coaching Science Manager at the English Institute of Sport, UK
Co-creator of

Theme: Practice & learning environments optimization

Keynote Title: Embracing the complexity of learning & excellence in team sport

This session will share experiences and reflections across 15 years working as a practitioner in professional/high performance (mainly team) sport. Particular focus will be on the area of skill acquisition and motor learning, and how theories from these fields have informed practice design and learning environments on and off the pitch. I will share my perspectives, first as a specialist coach/analyst being exposed to these ideas and then further on in my career becoming the so-called "expert" supporting other coaches. I hope to share my current thinking around learning & the journey to excellence in team sport - including the need to combine experiential knowledge of coaches with a model of the learner and learning process, the role of Ecological Dynamics & Complexity Theory, and how archaic education & management systems are negatively influencing sports systems and in turn limiting the potential of young people.



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