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Friday - 18h00-19h30

Program Workshops


Event Speaker


Room 131 Colégio Espírito Santo

Knee injury prevention, readaptation and training

Sañudo Corrales

Sports Hall Universidade de Évora

Dynamical full muscle electrostimulation as the exercise of the future

Luis Santana

Room 115 Colégio Espírito Santo

Neuromuscular and virtual technology applied to exercise clinics

Narcis Gusi,
Daniel Collado-Mateo
Francisco Dominguez

Sports Hall Universidade de Évora

Multimodal exercise programs for older adults

Catarina Pereira
José Marmeleira

Room 122 Colégio Espírito Santo

How to produce interactive visualizations with your “sport performance data” in open access tools

Rui Marcelino

Sport Field Colégio
Espírito Santo

Small-sided games monitoring during football training - A behavioral approach

Ricardo Duarte and Carlos Almeida

Room 120 Colégio Espírito Santo

The Sensorimotor Training to improvement in the postural control and falls prevention

Orlando Fernandes, Pedro Pezarat Correia, Fátima Ramalho


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