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Validation of the Portuguese version of the Healthy Life Styles Questionnaire

Marco Alexandre Silva Batista


Self-determination and healthy lifestyles: an exploratory study on veteran athletes

Marco Alexandre Silva Batista


Effect of eight weeks of classic strength training of short duration on functional capacity of elderly: a pilot study

Osvaldo Costa Moreira


Sedentary Behavior and Compensatory Mechanisms in Response to a Weight Loss Program

Eliane Aparecida de Castro


Resistance-training Effects on Daily Living Activities-related Physical Abilities of Adult and Elderly Women

Saulo Magalhães


Characterization of diabetics and non-diabetics in anthropometric parameters. A sample of Rio Maior city.

Rafael Oliveira


Assessment of the effects of an exercise program in breast cancer survivors - Pilot Study: Implementation of the MAMA_MOVE program

Pedro Antunes


Relationship of Different Perceived Exertion Scales in Walking or Running with Self-Selected and Imposed Intensity

Marcelo Dias


The effects of strength training in the lower limbs and balance in the prevention of the risk of falls and cognitive function in elderly population

Ana Pereira


Relationship between strength and body composition of university students

Nilton Leite


Continuous metabolic syndrome risk score validity for Danish children and adolescents

Jorge Bravo


Study of Physical Fitness for Seniors on Alma Senior Project

Álvaro Alves


Analysis of caloric intake and its relationship with body composition in university students

José Parraça


Effects of a Functional Rehabilitation Program Designed by the Arronches Care Unit for a Patient with Stroke: A Case Report

Ana Serrano


Influence of the Number of Weekly Resistance Training Sessions in Health Users of an Exercise Program in a Corporate Wellness Center

Rhodes Serra


Prediction of Intent to Be Active Physically Through the Theory of Self-determination

Maria Isabel Carrón


Hyperthermia: Acute Effect on Copper and Iron Trace Minerals in Erythrocytes, Serum and Urine

Mario Pérez Quintero


Effects of Ballroom dance program in older adults: systematic review

Diogo Gomes


Nova data limite para Submissão de Resumos: 30 de Setembro de 2016

O Congresso Internacional CIDESD 2016 foi certificado pelo IPDJ para creditação de Técnicos de Exercício Físico e Director Técnico e do Título Profissional de Treinador de Desporto.

Documento de apoio para a inscrição no congresso e submissão de trabalhos.

Data Limite: 15 de Setembro de 2016

Congresso Internacional
"Exercício e Saúde, Desporto e Desenvolvimento Humano”
11 e 12 de novembro. - Universidade de Évora